DRAMA (Ages: 6 – 19):  Students are introduced to basic acting techniques and theatre terminology through theatre games and improvisations to develop acting skills.

DANCE (Ages: 9 – 19):  Dance introduces the basic mechanics of movement, dance terminology, musicality, proper alignment, and music from various cultures.

VISUAL ARTS (Ages: 6 – 19):  Introduction to visual awareness and development of traditional drawing skills and techniques used in painting.

PIANO (Ages: 7 & up):  Students are taught piano techniques and music theory.

VIOLIN (Ages: 6 – 19):  Students are taught violin techniques and music theory.


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Please note all correspondence will be done primarily by email or by phone/mail if parent does not have an email account.

A.    Parent(s) will be contacted by email for registration/orientation.

B.    Students 18 and under must have a parent or guardian present during registration/orientation.

C.    Registration is mandatory.  (Student will not be allowed to attend class if s/he is not registered.)

D.    Parent/Guardian must complete and sign all required registration forms.

E.    The first month’s tuition fee is due at time of registration.

F.    All outstanding balances must be paid prior to registration, unless arrangements have been made with fiscal.

G.    Parent/student applying for tuition assistance must provide income verification prior or during time of registration.


Payments are divided into two semesters

  • First Semester: October – December 2015
  • Second Semester: February – May 2016 (Note: Drama students end May 2016)


Non-financial aid tuition payment for the first class and/or first child

  • First class: $100.00 per semester for a total of $200.00 for the school year
  • After the first child’s enrollment, tuition fee is half price for each additional class and sibling: $50.00 per semester per class.